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Best Day Builders understands the difficulty in getting well-made custom pieces.

  • Finding it hard to find a reasonably priced contractor?
  • Trying to avoid fake or inferior wood?
  • Worrying about receiving something different than what you want?

Custom Wood-Work 

Stop Searching And Get Your Custom Wood Piece Built

What We do

We Make Custom Wood Pieces With The Finest Of Wood


Family Owned Business

Back when I was younger, my dad used to always say "If we can't fix it, we can't have it." This taught me to learn how to build whatever I wanted, and through this, I found a deep appreciation for woodwork. I want my kids to have this skill, so we work together as a team to build our projects from beginning to finish. We value our projects and will only give you our best because this is our legacy. 

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"Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'”
Matthew 19:26


I have always loved low country porches.  The wide spaces, the rocking chairs, the room for kids and grandkids to play, When we moved to the country eight years ago, our house had a miniature front stoop that I figured would just be the face of our house forever.  Yet last fall when we had the Amish replace our shingled roof with a metal one, I asked if we could extend the roof out a bit to open up the possibility of a real porch.  And the adventure began!  We met with Eric and Emily this summer to discuss possibilities for a low country porch.  Something big and spacious, yet simple and rustic.  They were immediately on board.  That dream morphed into a large low country porch AND enclosed mudroom to replace our now crumbling front stoop.  We went from a 3’ x 12’ stoop to an L-shaped porch that is 10’ x 25’ and 12’ x 18’ AND a 4' x 13’ mud room!  To say I am pleased would be putting it mildly! I am ECSTATIC!  Eric and Emily are thoughtful, kind, meticulous, humble, down-to-earth, yet also have an amazing attention to detail.  This is a family affair for them, and it shows in the quality of workmanship they provide. It was a joy and pleasure to watch all this come together!  As I sit here in my cozy, well-sealed mudroom watching the sun go down over my amazing front porch, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a builder for their dream project!


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